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stuber Vic Manning is an aggressive Los Angeles Police Department officer looking for Oka Tedjo. He had six months prior to the murder of Vic’s companion Sara Morris. Vic’s superior Captain McHenry put him on leave. Because the pursuit of Tedjo in the incident was hampered when his glasses were knocked off his face, Vic undergoes corrective laser eye surgery. Due to his diminished vision, he’ll need to stay off duty for a couple of days. Stu Prasad is approached by an informant who has a clue concerning Tedjo’s whereabouts. He contacts an Uber driver and is picked up. Stu Prasad is a humble driver who focuses on his job, while keeping an eye on the Uber reviews.

Vic’s investigation will lead him and a reluctant Stu to Los Angeles. Along the way, Stu deals with both Vic’s reckless and violent behavior and his own feelings for an attractive woman named Becca who is a good friend and business partner who he hopes to launch an spin bike business. Becca after breaking up with her boyfriend, would like Stu to join her for casual sex however, Stu is in love with her and is looking for a more serious relationship. Vic and Stu get to know each more as they debate about Stu’s inability to be brave with Becca. Stu also criticizes Vic’s toxic masculinity, and his insensitivity toward Nicole who is a sculptor.

At a house located in Long Beach, Vic takes in Amo who is a major suspect in his investigation and saves a Pitbull Terrier known as Pico from being fed packets of drugs. After Stu is shot accidentally, he shoots Amo in the leg, Vic leads them to an animal hospital, in which both Amo and Pico receive medical treatment by the vet. When Vic discovers through Amo that Tedjo is planning to make an injection later that evening, they are confronted by Tedjo’s menwho try to nag Vic about his daughter’s art exhibition that evening. With Stu’s help, Vic dispatches the thugs and rushes to Nicole’s exhibit to warn her of the dangers that could be lurking however she’s frustrated by the obsession of her father to hunt down Tedjo. Stu quits Vic at the drop-off area then calls Becca and admits to his feelings for her. But he tells her he doesn’t feel the same as she does. When he arrives at the drop, Vic calls for backup but Stu notices only a lone police car rushing towards him.

McHenry arrives McHenry arrives, and Vic finds out that she’s a dirty cop and was working with Tedjo. She was trying to set Vic on trial for murder in order to keep them off the trail. However, before she can kill Vic, Stu runs her over and they both fail to attempt to escape from Tedjo in his vehicle. Tedjo almost kills Nicole as they fight against him. Nicole has tracked down Stu via Uber and is able to get him to his house. Stu gets the bullet, however the bullet hits him, and Vic nearly killed Tedjo prior to Nicole stops him. Tedjo is taken to court by police.

When Stu and Vic recuperate in the hospital, Vic gives Stu a five-star Uber review (despite the $5534.95 cost he has to pay), while Becca has started up a profitable spin-biking business of her own. That Christmas, Vic arrives at Nicole’s home with Pico and Pico, only to find that Nicole is dating Stu.

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