Fast & Furious 9

Fast & Furious 9  Jack Toretto along with his sons Dominic, Jakob, and Kenny Linder, participate in a late-model race. Jack crashes his car into the bumper of Jack’s. Jack dies in the crash when the car explodes and burns.

Dom has retired, and raising their children Brian and Letty Orbitz two years following Zipher’s 2013 [N1] defeat.

Searching inside the plane they find the device known as Project Aries, which can be used to hack into any computer system. The group is attacked by a private military under the command of Jakob who has the ability to steal the device. Michael Stasiak aids the team of Dom reach their safe place. Mia, Dom’s sister is there to assist and they learn Han Lue’s involvement in Project Aries. Letty and Mia later travel to Tokyo to look into the matter.

In the meantime, Jakob meets with Otto who is his friend and financial advisor. Cipher is being held at their home and informs Jakob the other half is in Edinburgh. Following the exile, Dom meets Buddy, his father’s former mechanic. Buddy is the one who takes Jakob in and informs him that Jakob is now in London. In Tokyo, Letty and Mia discover Han alive, along with his ward, Elle. Tej and Roman are hired by Sean Boswell Twinkie and Earl Hu who are working on the “rocket vehicle”. After that, in London, Dom meets his acquaintance, Deckard and Owen Shaw’s mother Magdalene who provide him with Jakob’s address. Dom is able to confront Otto, Jakob, and Otto decides to make Dom leave. Dom’s acquaintance Leysa can assist Dom.

Tej, Roman and Ramsey are joined by Dom Edinburgh in Edinburgh. Jakob uses an electromagnet for the second part of Project Aries. Tej and Roman locate the truck with the electromagnet. As they battle Otto’s men Ramsey is the only one to commandeer the truck to pursue Otto. Dom intercepts Jakob and the two fight throughout the city. Before Otto can extract Jakob, Ramsey runs his car off the road and makes use of an electromagnet in order to capture Jakob.

Han tells the safe house was given by Mr. Nobody to protect Elle and Project Aries. Elle’s DNA contains the biometric activation codes.

Jakob activates Aries while Otto launches the satellite into orbit. They begin uploading Aries to the satellite traveling through Tbilisi with the armored vehicle. Dom, Letty, Mia, Ramsey, and Han fight to stop the upload. Otto double-crosses Jakob while Mia and Han attempt to break into the truck. He then takes Jakob off the truck. Mia and Han attempt to get into the truck.

The team celebrates their accomplishment with an outdoor barbecue at Dom’s house.


Fast & Furious 9 (2021) เร็ว แรงทะลุนรก 9 (No Sub)

Fast & Furious9


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